Born in bustling Kolkata, India, then later living in Chennai, South of India, Janet has been Melbourne based for the last 44 years. Even though she moved to Australia a long time ago, she still remembers the variation of foods and spices cooked in the North and South of India and her love of pickles and condiments from the India subcontinent has stayed with her.

Her mother used to make the chutneys and pickles and sell it to family and friends at a ridiculously cheap price, just for the sake of making it. Out of her whole family, her mother was fortunate to learn from her mother and through other means, and has perfected the various pickles and chutneys.

The recipes are passed down from her Mother and Father who derive from English, Portuguese and Indian heritage. This Anglo-Indian combination has created this distinctive flavour to her delicious pickles and chutneys.